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I’m Md Zaheer Khan

Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh

Welcome to the website of the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh & Website Design & Development expert in Bangladesh. I am Zaheer Khan, Professional website design & development and digital marketer and SEO specialist in Bangladesh with certification by Moz Academy, Google Analytics & Google Ads fundamentals. I have been working as an website development and SEO Expert in Bangladesh for a long time and now providing the best SEO Service in Bangladesh. Call 01936407775 or Hire Me Now!!


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Website Design & Development & Digital Marketing services in Bangladesh. Being one of the leading IT Firms, Md. Zaheer Khan provides the most comprehensive enterprise solutions in Development, Design, and Marketing. Whether you need to build a professional website, Md. Zaheer Khan will be the right choice. If you are worried about your website’s traffic and rank, Md. Zaheer Khan SEO Expert will help you achieve the ultimate traffic and boost your website rank. Throughout these years, we have served over 150 clients with 200+ projects. Our hardworking professionals build high-performing, secure digital experiences while providing a full range of creative capabilities. Our target is to generate phenomenal leads, gain high volume web traffic and significant ROI.

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A Brief About Me

In my entire life journey in SEO, I have worked in many-reputed SEO service companies in Bangladesh and have gained good expertise from them. With all the experiences I decided to open my own  Website development Company and SEO Company in Bangladesh.

I have been working as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh for 4 years now. Not solely have I labored in companies to grant my SEO service in Bangladesh. My SEO expert profile in Bangladesh was extremely popular among every SEO company in Bangladesh. As an Best SEO service provider in Bangladesh, it is very momentous to know and have all the skills that an SEO expert should carry in their SEO expert profile.

My journey as an SEO expert in Bangladesh began to when I was a teener. I wanted to be a freelancer and consequently, I started doing research on which path should I take. Then afterward thorough research, it was clear to me that SEO has the most value in the sector as it was very important. SEO is very much important for businesses. And thus I wanted to become an SEO expert in Bangladesh providing the best SEO service in Bangladesh for the businesses that seek it. Now I can assertion myself as the top SEO specialist in Bangladesh.

Advance SEO
Advance SEO 98%
Local SEO & E-Commerce SEO
Local SEO & E-Commerce SEO 91%
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing 88%
PPC Ads & Lead Generation
PPC Ads & Lead Generation 83%
YouTube Video Marketing
YouTube Video Marketing 90%
WordPress Development
WordPress Development 95%
WordPress Theme Customization
WordPress Theme Customization 95%
Shopify Development & DESIGN
Shopify Development & DESIGN 92%
Wix Website Development & DESIGN
Wix Website Development & DESIGN 90%

Hire Me As An SEO Expert In Bangladesh

If You are Looking for an SEO Expert in Bangladesh For Rank Your Website in Google Top search list, and Trying to Growth Your Startup Business You Necessity Know website positioning Strategies and Basic Ranking Factors Of Google. Then You Have to Follow these rating factors for a higher Rank. In today’s world, tens of hundreds of thousands of new websites or agencies are being born every and each day. an imperceptible fight is being created between them.Fight to get your internet site up and walking on Google, Facebook, or on-line platforms. And to win this battle, one or extra Seo Experts of each and every internet site or company are needed. There are many freelancers that declare themselves to be SEO expert in Bangladesh. But none of them certainly even have the simple understanding of what search engine marketing is and how to supply any SEO provider in Bangladesh.

Taking SEO service from freelancers with such an SEO expert profile will be a massive mistake for your business. This is why I determined to become a local SEO expert in Bangladesh and help those looking for this SEO service in Bangladesh.Apart from website SEO service in Bangladesh, I additionally supply different offerings that human beings or organizations seek.I further provide services like best content writing services, digital marketing services, web design, and development services, local SEO services, e-commerce SEO services, lead generation services, UI/UX Design services and others that require any online marketing.

Now I am Giving SEO Service in Bangladesh with my Experienced Team participants and Bring 100+ Website to Google pinnacle Ranking through my Proven SEO Knowledge.

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Get #1 SEO Service In Bd From Md. Zaheer Khan

For every Local Business, SEO is The Most Important Part to increment the weblog or website’s visitors, Alexa rank, and web page rank in Google. That’s why website proprietors spend money to get their web site famous or on pages 1 to 5 of Google. But we fetch your blog or website to the 1st to 5th page of Google at a low cost. In addition to SEO Service in Bd, we grant different services of digital marketing such as social media marketing, video marketing, Content Marketing, email marketing, lead collection, SMS marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. We can be your trustworthy partner for SEO Service in Bd.

If your website online has been working for a long time but does now not show up in search results, there are no visitors, pages load for a lengthy time, incomprehensible blunders appear, and the like, We can offer you SEO services in Bd and SEO Consultancy Service Also. Our SEO Service in bd included:

☑️ Most Results: Targeted traffic, TOP positions in Google, Conversions, and Increase Sales online.

☑️ Return on costs: The top-quality diagram for SEO Service in Bd, taking into account the ratio of investments, profitability, and timing.

☑️ An integrated strategy to project development: growing conversion, analytics, working with usability, business and behavioral factors of the site, enhancing and developing content.

☑️ Advanced SEO Strategies for working by your project: SEO Strategies developed with our analysts, our own monitoring system, and examined applicable knowledge about search engine algorithms.

If you need to increase your sales, we know how to do it. SEO is continuously changing, but traffic from search engines still brings the highest conversions.


New businesses looking for an effective marketing solution for their business. The reason marketing is important is to reach their targeted customers. Many businesses can’t reach their targeted audience. This is a major problem for any business. There are many methods of marketing nowadays. But those of you who think that the old traditional marketing strategy is effective, then you are very much in the wrong concept. The most effective method of marketing now is online marketing. Welcome to the generation that is based on digitalization. Digital technology has taken over this generation and the ones that are still yet to come. The Internet has become a life support for many around the world. Without it, people can’t survive. Therefore, it is clear most users are now found on the internet. Google and social media are now where most people are crazy for and believe whatever they find there. Your targeted audiences are right there waiting to discover your business in the search engine. SEO will help your business to be found by users. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In this process, a business owner opens his or her website for the business. After that, they introduce their website to the search engine, which is Google. And once bringing it in Google, the process of ranking starts. The website needs to rank on the first page of Google to get visitors. Ranking a website on the first page of any search engine is called SEO. This helps the business get its targeted customers from the zone or country one is targeting.

SEO on a Website, the subject area in which our team works, is a well-studied environment with its own characteristics and dynamics. We use all the accumulated knowledge to do SEO on your site.

As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I must bring your website on the first page of Google with my SEO service in Bd. A true SEO specialist in Bangladesh like myself knows how to bring a website to the first page that would help the business owner. Not only SEO, but there are also other services that I know which can help your business get ranked. The best part of my SEO service in Bangladesh is that I can get targeted visitors to your website. Our Effective SEO Service in Bd includes the following steps: 1. Technical audit of a Website 2. SEO Strategy Development 3. Selection of keywords that Actually rank 4. SEO Content Writing 5. Website structure optimization & Technical SEO 6. Providing reports

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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

offering custom design, WordPress development, consultation and website management.

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Booking System Website

Booking System Website

WordPress is a great platform to build any type of website on. You can even create a WordPress booking system very quick with the right tools.

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Best WooCommerce development services online. create WordPress e-commerce website, woocommerce website.

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On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO services are website page optimization services that focus on optimizing your website to be found on Google.

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Link Building

Link Building

Link building is the process of getting links from other reputable websites to point to your own. This is essential because of the way search engines work.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

A competitor analysis agency ready to get you ahead of the competition. We provide services in consulting, competitor research & analysis.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We perform in-depth keyword research and keyword analysis to provide the most beneficial SEO keywords for your website.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Our email marketing services deliver your message directly to customers with a modern and results-oriented strategy.

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Ads allows advertisers to set a daily budget for each campaign and choose bids for each ad group and keyword.

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Web Banner Design

Web Banner Design

Web banners are a great way to engage a huge audience, but with web banner design it's important to wow users for the right reasons.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation helps companies in various industries gather consumer interest in a business's products and services

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We're a full-stack marketing agency that offers social media management services that focus on your leads, sales, & growth, let's talk about your strategy!

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We value our customers and do everything possible to ensure their happiness. That is our promise.

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We are creating a people-centric company full of talented, enthusiastic folks who enjoy coming to work every day.

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We spend months devising, developing, optimizing and testing ourselves each new solution we implement. We are never satisfied with good

Different Types Of SEO Service In Bd

There are various kinds of SEO services in Bangladesh that are available in my SEO company in Bangladesh. As a successful SEO expert in Bangladesh, I can supply a diversity of SEO services in Bangladesh. There are a lot of clients who want specific SEO services according to the kind of website of business they are involved in. each SEO has its way of being operated.The techniques are various from each other. Although there are some similarity, the variations in the strategies of each SEO is significant for ranking. Each strategy is used for every purpose.

As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I have skilled myself in presenting all various kinds of services. In my years of practice, I have confronted different clients who were from various business industries. This variety of customers is what taught me about different types of SEO services. I determined that to be an SEO specialist in Bangladesh; I need to master the competencies of different types of SEO. I began proceeds a lot of SEO Training in Bangladesh from various SEO training institutes. These SEO training have been very much helpful for me.

Once I have viewed and was skilled in different kinds of SEO services, I became much more confident in providing various kinds of SEO services in Bangladesh. I gained this self assurance by working for various SEO companies in Bangladesh. There is no exception for getting pragmatic experience unless you work for an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. After working for a lengthy time in the SEO company in Bangladesh with Md Faruk Khan, I determined to open my SEO company for small businesses. And therefore, there are various services in my SEO company in Bangladesh.

Here are the types of service I provide as an SEO

expert in Bangladesh

Complete SEO Service
Complete SEO Service
Complete SEO Service
Complete SEO Service
Complete SEO Service
Complete SEO Service

SEO Consultancy Service As An SEO Expert In Bangladesh

As an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, SEO consultancy is also one more service that I provide to my buyers. There are many companys and freelancers who have their very own projects and are new to the SEO industry. They want an SEO specialist in Bangladesh to act as a consultant to exhibit them the proper way to do the SEO.

This way, the freelancer acquires experienced in handling a project from top to bottom and is one step closer to becoming an SEO expert in Bangladesh. As an skilled and professional expert SEO specialist myself, I have completed numerous projects. I have complete experience in handling a project all by myself.

I have worked as an SEO consultant for numerous SEO companies in Bangladesh.I have helped them complete their SEO task with full help and success. The companies I consulted as their SEO specialist in Bangladesh are now ranking on Google’s first page and are now making a massive income from their business.

They have gained more traffics than before and are now in a very static position in their business industry. SEO consultancy is an momentous service for companies that seeks help to do online marketing. And I am here as your SEO specialist in Bangladesh to get your agency running.

Advance SEO Training In Bangladesh

As an SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I have not at most worked for companies as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, but I besides provide SEO Training in Bangladesh. SEO Training in Bangladesh is a crucial section as it has a considerable of SEO experts in Bangladesh. But be conscious that not all SEO expert in Bangladesh has the ability to give the best SEO service in Bangladesh. As an SEO service provider in Bangladesh, it is extremely important for me to only have the best SEO specialist in Bangladesh in my team and my group to provide the best SEO service in Bangladesh. Being an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, I have been called by many SEO companies in Bangladesh to come and provide SEO training in Bangladesh. My SEO expert profile has impressed the local companies to hire me as their SEO trainer and give the proper teaching to the ones who wish to join this path of adventure in their life. SEO has many important parts and factors. There is not a single thing that I don’t know about SEO. So, therefore, as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I know how to give the proper SEO Training in Bangladesh.When you scheme on taking SEO training in Bangladesh, you will see a lot of SEO companies in Bangladesh who advertise by giving a lot of discounts. Do no longer fall for their mouthwatering trap. The standard of those training is not at all satisfactory, and you will stop up getting to know nothing. Therefore, you will end up learning nothing. And consequently, your dream of becoming a local SEO expert in Bangladesh will shatter like glass.As a local SEO expert in Bangladesh myself, I supply the most secure training that will assist the freelancers to learn everything there is about freelancing and will make sure that you become a true An SEO expert in Bangladesh.


The motive why most freelancers fall and can’t emerge as a profitable Website positioning SEO in Bangladesh is that they do now not exercise after they end the course. Also, they lack a lot of realistic skills, which is the most essential section of SEO Training in Bangladesh. This is why my website positioning SEO Training in Bangladesh is very tons primarily based on realistic classes. I accept as true with the excellent way to get journey is from the sensible expertise that you get to see and exercise for yourself. Based on this, you can actually get all the know-how about search engine marketing from your Web optimization Training in Bangladesh with me. 


My SEO Training in Bangladesh is unique because I provide online SEO Training in bd. If you are looking for the best professional SEO course in Dhaka, then I am the SEO expert in Bangladesh you should come to. If you want to be a successful SEO specialist in Bangladesh and earn thousands of dollars from your home, then I believe my online SEO training in BD will help you achieve that dream. I will show you various earning methods that you can do from SEO and become an SEO specialist in Bangladesh. I will support you till you get your first job in the marketplace and grow the confidence as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh. Not only that, but you can also do an internship in my SEO company in Bangladesh.


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With the proliferation of several web development companies out there, you might wonder if you are taking the right decision about choosing us for your project. You can rest assured that we won’t disappoint you. Our approach to website design, eCommerce and Internet marketing is unique and agile. Our expertise revolves around the proper use of web 2.0 strategies and professional web design and development. Since our founding,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2016, I am working across SEO and trained humans about affordable SEO strategies and effectually completed many SEO Projects. Thats make me self-confident about ranking an website top in Google search results and People call me now the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh.iness.

The fee of SEO Service in Bd Depends on Keyword Competition and How Much Time it May need to Rank. But The cost consists of a full range of services required for Rank in Google Top, with high-quality SEO Content Writing and prompt implementation of recommendations.

We are a Member of the greatest E-commerce Association in Bangladesh (E-CAB) and Collaborate with Peoplentech Limited. That means that We Maintain Our Service Quality to accumulate Trust From Our Valuable Clients. So, You Can Work With us Without any Confusion.


We Use Keyword Revealer and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. These tools are given the best Keyword Metics and show actual competition.


We Will need Website Access, Social Media Access (If Exist), and a Webmail access like social@almanaar.co.uk

The cost of SEO service in Bd includes work on website and topic analysis, preparation of optimization recommendations and their implementation, management and an report in Google Search Console.

Key Terms:

✅ SEO Checklist 2021

✅ Competetor Analysis

✅ Keyword Research

✅ Content Writting

✅ On-Page SEO

✅ Technical SEO

✅ Off-Page SEO

✅ Complete SEO Audit & Analysis

✅ Social Media Marketing

✅ Youtube Marketing


We supply monetary guarantees for acquiring the Results that we forecast in the contract. If we do not fulfill the stated forecast, we will Work For Free Until We Reach The Top Page on Google. time to Rank in Google Top search result.

The primary positive dynamics are generally noticeable afterward the search engines index the first changes introduced to the website. A real increment in visitors and achieving high positions will require 6-8 months of work by SEO specialists.

Competitive lookup is crucial to your success as a business because it arms you with the capability to quickly identify industry trends and adapt to competitor campaigns or techniques in order to maintain a foothold or out-compete them entirely

Yes Sure, You Can Visit My Website: https://mdzaheerkhan.com/portfolio


All My Clients are Happy with My SEO Service in Bd and inform me that the Top SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

Way too often. It’s okay; I’ve learned to handle the disappointment. Google is not our Property, so sometimes it will be difficult to rank a website within a desired time.

But we work for a result, and in case if the website will not rank in google top within the time, then we will work for free until getting the desired results.